Whitetail Deer Hunting

Come enjoy personalized whitetail deer hunting North Carolina adventure trip with us. Our hunts start early in the morning after breakfast which is provided at the lodge. In the morning our plan is to have each hunter in their stand an hour before shooting time. We generally pick up hunters between 9 and 11 depending on the preference of the hunter. For evening hunts we plan on having the hunter in their stand 3 hours before dusk. We pick up the hunters a few minutes after shooting time has expired.

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Deer Hunting Stands

As part of our commitment to giving each hunter a personalized deer hunting experience we will walk or drive each hunter to their stand and assist them with getting into and out of their stand. The location of some of our stands is extremely remote requiring the use of an ATV. We provide this service for our hunters.

Family Hunts

We gladly accommodate family hunts. Hunting parties made up of a husband and wife, as well as father and son or father and daughter are all welcome. For the father hunting with a youngster we have many two man stands that can easily accommodate 2 hunters. This will allow you to coach them on taking that first deer!

” This was our 5th year Hunting at Choanoke Outfitters. My Dad and I travel down every year from NH. The stands are very well built and comfortable also many different locations to hunt out of. I had a very good week, and saw 9 different bucks. Shot a real nice 6 point and won the weekly deer pool. I saw 27 deer total for the week….. “
Shane Smith, East Wakefield, NH
” The farmland presented by Choanoke Outfitters give the perfect setting for both deer and turkey to challenge a hunter. Guides are familiar with the farms and wildlife in the area, to aid hunters of all skill levels. Hunting stands are well maintained and reviewed annually to ensure they are well positioned for optimal hunting results….. “
Skip Myers, Middletown, PA
” After hunting N.C. for over 25 years, with several different guide services, I have found your operation to be the best I have ever enjoyed. The accommodations, super great meals, knowledge of the staff is second to none. I look forward to my return again this fall and being in your very comfortable stands, viewing a significant amount of game….. “
Doc Testa, Port Crane, NY

Whitetail Deer Hunting North Carolina Outfitter

We are very confident that when you hunt with us you will thoroughly enjoy it. We also believe that you will truly experience the feeling of a personalized whitetail deer hunting North Carolina adventure instead of the “assembly line, non-caring attitude” that many larger scale operations display.