Halifax Hunting Lodge

Our Hunting Lodge

This lodge is in Scotland Neck, NC, located in Halifax County, the number one county in NC for deer per square mile. This lodge is ideal for any hunter or a small group of hunters that are looking for a lodge that carries a small number of hunters per week. We will only be allowing 4 hunters a week at Halifax hunting lodge. The hunters here can expect to be hunting land that has been strictly managed and has very low pressure.

Our land consists of over 1500 acres, with a mixture of agriculture fields, swamp bottoms, pine thickets, and large hard wood timber tracts. We have over 30 stands that have been placed to give our hunters the best chance to harvest their animal. Our stands are a mixture or tower stands, 2 man ladder, and box blinds. You can expect shots from 50 to 200 yards.

Our lodge is fully equipped with all you will need for cooking. We also have coolers to keep your harvested animals cold until you head home. We have a shooting range so that all hunters can make sure there gun is sighted in before their hunt. Also there will be a guide at camp to take you to and from your stand and to retrieve and butcher any harvested game. If you are looking for a camp that is not over run with hunters and has been strictly managed with little to no pressure then this is the lodge for you.

*all prices include lodging.
*meals are NOT included.
*Halifax hunting lodge is only 5 miles away from grocery stores and restaurants.

Game Management:
3day- allowed 1 buck and 2 doe
5day- allowed 2 buck and 3 doe

*trophy farm- 1st buck must be at least 6 point s and second buck must be at least 8 points.

*non trophy farm- 1st buck is buck of your choice second buck must be at least 6 points.


Oct-Nov muzzleloader / rifle:
3day $1500.00
5 day $1900.00
December Rifle:
3day $1100.00
5day $1400.00

Contact Josh Roberts for pricing on all-inclusive meal packages at Halifax hunting lodge.


Deer Hunts at Halifax County Lodge